My name is Jonathan Markowitz (~5d OGS). I've played Go for thirteen years, and received my training from Feng Yun (9p). I began teaching in 2007, and founded the Kuroneko Go School -- a small, private community of players. Since then, I have built a clientele based on my teaching skills, progressive methodology, and passion for the game.

The core of my teaching methodology places a strong emphasis on fundamental skills and theory, but also draws inspiration from Socratic method to examine how we think about the game. Most Go instruction is done in the form of teaching by example -- "Do this, not that." The student is told what to do without any challenge or effort required on their part, and this can be detrimental. Instead, I actively encourage each student to explain their reasoning and decision making process, then gently guide them through a dialogue of questions and answers. How a student thinks about a position or makes a strategic decision can be just as important -- sometimes more -- than finding the correct answer.