I offer a variety of services to fit each student's needs and schedule. Prices are listed in US Dollars. Each student will receive $5 off their first purchase.

Real-time private lessons: Individual instruction, usually done in 1-2 hour sessions. Highly customizable. For private group lessons, please contact me for information and pricing. Please note that access to a VoIP service (e.g. Skype) is required for online sessions.

$15 per hour


Correspondence (i.e. play-by-mail style) private lessons use a turn-based server (OGS or DGS) to play a game over multiple sittings.  After the game is completed, the student will receive their choice of a written or video review of the game. This service is recommended only for players stronger than 10k, due to the long game duration. Players weaker than 10k are advised to purchase real-time sessions.

$15 each

Offline game reviews: Video analysis of games a student sends for review. Students who already purchase other services will receive a discounted rate.

Number of games: Nonstudent rate: Student rate (e.g. already taking private lessons):
1 game $12 $10
2-4 games $10 each $8 each

Notes: PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Bulk discounts are available on all services. I will also be glad to discuss other modes of instruction that are more suitable for a student's needs, such as custom video content.